Choosing Your Turtle


Once you’ve decided what kind of turtle you’d like, the next step is finding somebody who has one to sell. Try to find a source […]

Training and fun of your Cat


Cats are naturally active and wish lots of stimulation to make sure mental and physical well-being. Teaching smart behavior and enjoying games are positive ways […]

Caring for an elderly cat


Thanks to improvements in food and health care, cats now often live beyond 12 years of age. Older cats may develop age-related conditions, but with […]

About Puppies


It is during puppy hood that many physical, behavioral, and health patterns become established, hence the extreme importance of careful holistic rearing. Puppies are born […]



Dogs evolved as human companions and helpmates, so these should be the primary reasons From the tiny, smooth-coated Chihuahua to the bearlike Newfoundland, dogs evolved […]

Choosing a Your Rabbit


Once you are convinced that a rabbit will be a suitable pet for you, you must find out where to obtain an appropriate animal. You […]

Necessary Care for Rabbits


Having rabbits is more demanding on resources than is generally perceived. Regular work has to be carried out, and the tradition of having rabbits in […]

The rabbit as Companion Animal


Rabbit enthusiasts all over the world are often asked why they choose rabbits for companion animals. People wonder why dedicated animal lovers would not rather […]